The Other Room

Led by multi award-winning Master Bartender Dario Knox, The Other Room is a Drinking House which draws inspiration from the Prohibition Period to offer over 150 beautiful spirits that have been finished in different ways.

Inspired by the darkness of the Prohibition Era, The Other Room is the shining result of what would happen if the Eighteenth Amendment was passed today. Committed to make you relive that “first time” moment in which you fell in love with your libation of choice, we are crafting Spirits in a lot of different manners in order to offer you something you are very familiar with but you have never tried before. From spices to roots, from teas to herbs, from fruits to barks, from coffee to wood; our spirits are in-house finished and made only from the best & premium products out there, as to offer you the most balanced flavour combination.

A worldwide new concept of in-house cask finishing products is one of the main features that The Other Room offers you. Whiskies, Whiskeys and Rums find their marriage with different casks and rest peacefully inside the cuddling wooden walls of a huge variety of differently finished barrels. The concept is led by the Multi Award Winning mind of “The Wizard”, Dario Knox, with the astonishing team of Cocktail Craftsmen.


Opening Hours

7 days a week from 6pm - 3am (Monday to Thursday); 6pm to 4am (Friday to Sunday)


Smart Casual


Cash, Amex, Visa, Master Card


Please call (65) 8300 6085

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