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We held our dinner banquet in early September 2019, and looking back we're still glad that we chose the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel as our venue, and still grateful for Nicole, Mano, and their experienced teams who were able to put together an impressive event that we and our guests thoroughly enjoyed. The crew at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel took care of almost every aspect of event planning, and helped us out at every step of the way, with issues big and small, and at times unexpected and on short notice. It was overall an excellent experience; we could not have asked for a better team!

C & K

8 September 2019


Immensely thankful for our beautiful, wonderful and very capable Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel wedding fairy godmother Stella!! Kudos for the coordinating, attention to detail, patient guidance on the day, the lovely surprise, and the very thoughtful handwritten send-off note!

Huai Yuan & Jurena

31 August 2019


There was a swap of our wedding coordinator halfway, but the transition to Nicole was smooth sailing and without any hiccups. Nicole was quick to remind us of our next step in wedding planning and was always responsive to our queries and requests. She is meticulous and has gone the extra mile to check back with me on items I may have overlooked. The wedding planning process was definitely less stressful with Nicole around.

The actual wedding day proceeded very smoothly and all the staff, from the valet at the drop off, to the concierge and all the service staff we encountered were all top notch in their service. The banquet manager, Ismail was attentive and experienced in handling the madness of a wedding lunch. Portion sizes of the food was good and all my guests raved about the food, especially the dessert which is not something one usually sees at a wedding!

In all, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel has delivered beyond our expectations and we are glad to have chosen them.

Jason & Tracy

20 July 2019


We recently held our wedding on 22 June at Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel, Orchard. We would like to commend and thank our wedding planner Mavis Lua for walking this journey with us and making the year long planning very stress free.

Our wedding was not a simple logistics event for the hotel as it involved an overnight stay the day before, then poolside matrimony with buffet and finally close knit dinner at Level 2 The Gallery. Mavis helped us a lot through the year, constantly reminding us on the tasks to complete, and helping us organise the schedule. She even put in extra effort to help accommodate some of our parents’ requests such as using our own tea set, and had the tea ceremony area set up nicely. When the schedule was a little tight, she proposed alternatives so the hotel can accommodate us better. She had proposals for seating and logistics when we requested for out of the norm. Even when we couldn’t get our wedding pillows in time, she provided us with a set despite the last minute requests.

We thank her for giving us an enjoyable planning and a great time on the actual day.

Adrian & Lynnette

1 July 2019


Our guests who attended the lunch banquet were impress with the spacious, elegant and pillarless ballroom.

The quality of the food by Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant was very well received by our guests, many of them commenting it was one of the best banquets they had.
Behind the scenes, our wedding coordinator Nicole is meticulous and patient in addressing our queries and request, providing a very personal touch in the wedding planning experience.

Banquet manager July was calm and professional, calming our nerves on actual day, while the Audio Visual team was right on key.

Overall, my wife and I is very proud and glad to have chosen Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel to hold our wedding banquet.

We highly recommend to any couple looking for an ideal wedding location with impeccable customer service to go along.

Alvin & Shirley

15 June 2019


After almost a year, we still reminisce how smooth the day went thanks to the team, rave about the service, recommend to our friends and have relatives asking where we got our dessert (melting hearts.. some even thought we ordered from an external Pâtisserie) from!

This email is not meant to be exhaustive as there were so many times the team went the extra mile and augmented the memories of the already memorable day. The Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel team (Stella and gang) really made a difference with their proactive-ness. There were last minute requests from our JP and some guests, and we also forgot to download our 2nd march-in song, but all these were taken care of in a few seconds thanks to Jet and Leon (not sure if I got the AV rep name correct). We didn’t even have time to panic and it was settled. Being the stars (shamelessly) of the day, we didn’t have time to eat. But our food was kept warm and sent to the room. It was a simple yet thoughtful gesture that we really appreciate. Even after the wedding, Stella still acceded to our requests.

Thank you once again for ensuring that we were well taken care off from start to finish.


6 June 2019


Ming Yee and I would like to express our appreciation, thank you and gratitude for your service in making our Wedding Event at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel a great success! It has been a great journey for both of us!

From the very start, the team has been willing to listen to our needs and requirements, starting with our budget constraints - we are grateful that Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel was able to give us a good rate from the start. In spite of offering this exceptional good rate, Marriott and you did not treat us like we are paying less than the usual; and you have always listen to our further needs and requirements. Your efforts throughout the planning and organizing, even up to the actual Banquet, have been greatly felt by both Ming Yee and me - this is very obvious to us, and we are most grateful for this.

Although there have been some disagreements / discrepancies about what we had verbally agreed with your side and what have been written into the contract, you still tried your best to accommodate and provide for us. At no point in time did you and Marriott display any impatience, frustration or irritation when dealing with us - though we were guilty of doing so at times.

We must say that the pool terrace room was really a pleasant surprise for both of us - our parents and us enjoyed the stay thoroughly.

Also, noteworthy to mention is Dhanesh, our Banquet manager. I have been to other wedding dinners to see how banquet managers have worked with the Brothers and Groom. Unlike most banquet managers, Dhanesh obviously has taken care in going through the details of our schedule, and he was always there to ensure things are executed in the most perfect possible way. Great Thank You to him!

All in all, we give an overall 5 / 5 rating for Marriott - there are many aspects which we would like to give 5 / 5 ratings but there are just too many to list down!

Both Ming Yee and me would like to say a Great Thank You to You and Marriott!

Thank You & Best Regards.

Yi Feng & Ming Yee

24 January 2019


We would like to thank you and your wonderful, attentive team in ensuring our big day to be such a smooth and memorable one.

We are highly satisfied with a 9 or 10 in terms of the dedicated warm services, attention to details and the whole organizational aspect of running the event. It has been a very pleasant experience to be working with your dedicated, professional team in hosting our guests.

Besides the wonderful, hospitality services that we have experienced from the event manager and her team on that day, we would also like to thank you and the chef for taking the time and really considered our feedback and comments regarding the dishes, translating them to a high quality meal during the luncheon as well. Both the quality and quantity of the dishes left a lasting impression in many of our guests!

All in all, we would like to thank all of your team in making this such a memorable day for us!

Wei Xiong

9 January 2019


Thank you for your great help on our big day, Mavis. It is very much appreciated; our guests and us had such a great time.

We would also like to praise Moe and Daphne - our guests and parents really appreciated their hospitality and attention to detail.

Thanks again, and have a good week and holiday ahead. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your team :)

Sheryl & Nigel

26 December 2018


We would like to thank Stella and her wonderful, attentive team in ensuring our big day to be such a smooth and memorable one.

We are highly satisfied with a 9 or 10 in terms of the dedicated warm services, attention to details and the whole organizational aspect of running the event. It has been a very pleasant experience to be working with Stella and her dedicated, professional team in hosting our guests.

All in all, we would like to thank all of your team in making it such a memorable day for us!

Wei Xiang & Bonnie

2 December 2018


Just want to take this opportunity to thank Stella and her team for helping Tricia and I, on our biggest day - our wedding. We are thankful to have Stella walk us through the need to do’s, the common practices, the required items and giving us a timeline to better plan and manage our wedding! Thank you also for accommodating our smallish requests like floral arrangements and deco table. The event wouldn’t have been so ideal without your advice and timely help.

Tricia and I are delighted to have chosen Marriott to hold the biggest event in our lives thus far and rest assure we will share this information to friends who weren’t present that day. Many thanks and once again, deeply appreciated.

Timothy & Tricia

27 November 2018


This simple Thank You cannot possibly contain enough words to express our appreciation for Mavis. You are an amazing coordinator! Thank you so much for being there with us, being so patient and putting up with all the questions, requests and last minute changes. Thank you for being our coordinator, we must be very lucky to have you as part of our big day! Wishing you all the best in life!

Valerie & Joe

14 October 2018


I would like to write this compliment to Mavis Lua for ensuring that my wedding ran smoothly from the start when she has taken over from Ester. She has made the handover seamless, knowing all the requests that my wife and I have made and ensured that the requests were provided to her best abilities. She has provided one of the best customer service experiences I have experienced so far. For almost a year, she has supported us with the wedding plans and has provided some of her experiences to us as a guideline. This allowed us to be less stressful as compared to one whom has provided none.

I would definitely recommend Mavis to anyone who would like to have a wedding at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

Damien & Elaine

1 June 2018


I recently had my wedding at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel from 20/04/18 (Fri) to 21/04/18 (Sat). First off, I would like to thank team Marriott for a pleasant stay and a thoroughly enjoyable wedding celebration! A vast majority of our guests had a very pleasant experience from the food to the service etc, so thank you!

Our banquet manager, Stella Ng, was immense throughout our entire wedding planning process. From the first day that we met her, we were convinced to go with Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel as she had demonstrated to us that she is willing to go the extra mile for us. She is patient, understanding, thoughtful and always place our interests first. Even though some things might not have been in her control, Stella would always find a way to help us. She deserves all the credit and compliment for her excellent service.

Delwin & Xiao Le

25 April 2018


Hi, we recently held our wedding luncheon at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

Our hotel coordinator was Stella Ng and I would like to compliment her excellent customer service and patience whenever we have any requirements or additional changes prior to our wedding day.

Stella was not only patient and accommodating, she go out of her way to make us feel at ease and ensure the day runs smoothly. She was there at our luncheon before our march-ins to ensure everything is on order, and even offered to help with my gown. She suggested setting up a whatsapp group for better communication and responded very promptly to our queries. We are truly blessed to have her as our event coordinator.

Thank you Stella, and we sincerely wish you all the best.

Subhas & Leona

28 December 2017


Compliments to Mavis for a job well done on the planning of my son, Shaun & Vanessa's Wedding Celebration at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel - 11th December 2017.

Mavis has demonstrated a high standard of professionalism in her work, She is very responsive, hardworking, well organized, patient, helpful and provide good advice.

My family and I are very satisfied with her services.

Mavis is an asset to your organization.

Compliments also to the Banquet Team. We have received many good feedback from our guests on the food and services provided by the Banquet Team.

Thank You to your Team, especially to Mavis, for a well done job!

Mrs Kng Yong Wah

16 December 2017


Thank you for hosting our beautiful solemnization and wedding banquet on 3 December 2017. I will like to compliment Mavis on her excellent service and follow up, adhering our queries even after your work hours.

Also compliment to Jett and team on the perfect and smooth running on the solemnization and dinner banquet. I also hear compliments from my guests on the great food and good service from the banquet staff/ servers.

Once again, thank so much! Looking forward to work with you all again.

Mr and Mrs Alan Ong

12 December 2017


Thanks so much for your coordination for our wedding. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all your helpful advice in every detail along the way. We like hearing you say “No Worries” – the magic words do help to set our minds at ease when we’re feeling helpless

We’d also like to thank all the banquet staff and drew who have helped to make our wedding complete. It was a memorable day for both of us, our parents and many of our guests. This would not be possible without everyone’s hard work and team effort.


Wayne & Dessy

28 May 2017


Ever since from the first time we met and engaged you. Your hospitality and service to us leaves a deep impression as such we could really rest our mind in entrusting you to be my wedding coordinator.

There have been many times where we approached you during late hours, and nevertheless you had replied to each and every of our enquiries. As a newlyweds, there are many things that we are unsure about, like things to look out for, how to plan on the flow etc, but you have always gave us feedbacks/suggestions on every possible way to make our wedding better.

Stella has emerged above the rest where our trust in her is beyond expectations. So do continue the good work and to bring more people to have such enjoyable journey that was shared between the hotel and us.

Kenny & Carine

26 February 2017


We want to thank you for all you did in planning our wedding. Marriott was the first hotel we searched for and was very impressed with your service that was rendered to us during the wedding show. It was the best decision we made for our wedding planning. Having you as our wedding coordinator had helped everything run so smoothly and with such ease.

Your knowledge and experience were so helpful. As we were both busy working during the weekdays and could only seek for your help after working hours and even weekends, you were always being so responsive with our queries. Every bride who has you is so blessed. Thank you for saving us from a lot of headaches.

We are also very thankful for having July as our banquet manager. She is definitely meticulous to me at every single moment, meeting our needs. With her jovial smile, she has handled the wedding lunch wonderfully and that allowed us to remain calm and not become stressed out.

Food was great and every of our guests enjoyed it well. We want you to know how much we appreciated your hard work and we will definitely recommend your services to any engaged couple.

Once again, thank you and your banquet team! Our wedding day would not have been the same experience without you guys.

Shu Ming & Michelle

7 January 2017