Culinary Team

Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong Shiuh Yean at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

At the helm of Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong Shiuh Yean. Trained in the rich and intricate art of Chinese cooking and driven by a zealous passion for exquisite culinary creations, Brian has acquired more than 17 years of culinary expertise from his tenure at notable restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia and Italy.

Brian started his career in year 2000 as a Kitchen Assistant and with unbridled drive, he rose quickly to become the Executive Chef of Ruyi Chinese Restaurant in Rome, in 2006. His last stint was at Scholar Chinese Restaurant, NUSS Club in Singapore as Sous Chef.

The 37 year-old has garnered gold medals for prestigious awards including “Taiwan World Culinary Competition 2014”, “Lee Kum Kee International Young Chef Competition 2014”, “FHA Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Chinese Chef Competition 2013”, “Hong Kong Ming Huo International Chinese Chef Competition 2012”, to name a few.

Brian believes in playing up the strengths of Asian culinary traditions while harmoniously introducing new ingredients and produce into his dishes. Without compromising on quality when it comes to the cuisine he presents, he continuously explores the interplay of taste, texture, imagination and presentation, balanced with a multitude of cooking techniques. He pushes the culinary boundary by challenging the conventional approach to Cantonese cuisine through his imagination, creating distinctive dishes while retaining the essence of traditional Chinese cooking.