Gallery & Floor Plans

Level 2 Function rooms

Space and Facilities

With over 1700m2 event space spread across Levels 2, 3 and 5, we are ready for celebrations of any size. Pick from 13 function spaces, or three ballrooms, or the Pool Terrace Pavilion.

Consider your possibilities:
An important all-day meeting will be productive in the Ketumbar Room befitting 10 – 15 VIPs.
An intimate dinner for 30 people will be perfectly cosy in either Legacy Rooms.
Or, a luxuriant banquet to impress 550 guests at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

No matter what, why, who, and when, here’s the where and how - with no effort on your part. We’ve got it covered.

Level Two

You may have noticed our function rooms have unconventional names; those of local spices which used to grow on Orchard Road before its urban development.

The Gallery

Tucked on level two overlooking the lobby, The Gallery features the perfect setting for organising a small exhibition, discussion, or a informal get-together - allowing an easy balance of open space and comfortable shelter.

Legacy Suite

Belimbing Room

Serai Room

Asam Room

Lengkuas Room

Terigu Room

Limau Room