January 13, 2019

6 Tips to Plan The Perfect Wedding

Decisions, decisions, decisions! We know that wedding planning can be stressful at times, so we are sharing some great tips from our Wedding Planner, Stella, to help eliminate some of the stress and ensure that your big day goes smoothly.


Stella Ng, Wedding Planner at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

1: Pick your hotel wisely

Established hotel brands often feature Certified Wedding Planners that are trained to help. Relying on experience, training and tradition,  Certified Wedding Planners can help you determine an overall vision for your wedding and help you execute each detail. That includes setting an event budget; deciding on a menu; arranging guest lists; and finding florists, a band and other entertainment for the big day.

2: Avoid over-spending on your big day

Keep a lookout for wedding showcases and workshops as hotels often extend additional privileges and discounts if your wedding is confirmed on the same day of event. Ensure that your package is checked properly to avoid paying hidden costs, such as corkage fees, etc.

3. Your venue is important

Pick a location or venue that has white walls so that your wedding would not be boring and run-off-the-mill. Like an artist’s canvas, white walls allow a wider range of elegantly-designed wedding themes that will make a unique wedding venue for your special day.


Reduce dilemma by picking hotels with award-winning restaurants of your cuisine type you would like to serve to your guests so you won’t have to worry about the quality of food served.

5.Your Wedding Planner 

Like any good relationship, your relationship with your wedding planner is important as well. Choosing the right wedding planner is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, where you can rely on them fully to turn your wedding visions into reality.

6. Finally, shortlist two hotels and involve your parents into the planning phase

Although parental involvement in the wedding planning process is a sticky subject for many couples, if you can assign the right role for everyone, parents can be a great source of support when planning a wedding.

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