April 17, 2018

Pork and Salted Egg Rice Dumpling Recipe

By Chef Brian Wong, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant - Pork & Salted Egg Rice Dumpling






















Makes 1 dumpling, 250 grams


150 grams of Glutinous Rice白糯米(Dry)
150 grams of Marinated Pork Belly 五花腩
50 grams of Chestnut 栗子
1 whole Salted Egg Yolk 咸蛋黄
20 grams of Green Bean 豆爽, peeled
20 grams of Black-eyed bean眉豆
10 grams of Mushroom冬菇

Marinade Sauce腌汁酱

50 grams of Oyster Sauce蚝油
20 grams of Light Soya生抽
5 grams of Chinese Five Spice五香粉
10 grams Chicken Seasoning Flavour 鸡精粉
5 grams of Sugar糖
1kg of Pork Belly五花腩


  1. Marinate pork belly in the marinade sauce for one day before use.
  2. Soak glutinous rice in water overnight. Drain the soaked glutinous rice before use.
  3. Wrap the glutinous rice along with the marinated pork, chestnut, salted egg yolk, green beans, black-eyed beans and mushroom in bamboo leaves and secure with a string.
    将白糯米和全部材料(腌制五花腩,栗子,咸蛋黄,豆爽,眉豆, 冬菇)用粽子叶包扎一起。
  4. Poach the rice dumpling for 3-4 hours.