March 10, 2018

Java+ Happy Hour!

SMH - Java+

Singapore Marriott Hotel – Java+

Happy Hours aren’t just for beers and drinks! Check out Java+’s for the best deals of artisan breads, desserts, and pastries. The delectable items are crafted daily by our own team of pastry chefs and bakers to ensure you enjoy only the freshest.

Java+ - Cakes

Cakes at Java+

Top picks are the Spinach Cheese Loaf for its nutty Parmesan cheese flavor and the Almond Cranberry Loaf for something slightly sweeter but no less addictive. Don’t miss out on our exclusive collection of premium organic Austrian breads – perfect to have on their own, or washed down with your favourite cuppa.

The savoury selections such as Chicken Curry Puff and Tuna Puff make for great meal alternatives. For a healthy booster, grab our generous portions of salads! And what’s a premium deli if we don’t have something for the sweet tooths out there – make full use of the happy hour by dropping by after a meal for the lovely pastries or premium dessert jars – the sweetest finish to any feast.

6.30pm – till closing   Two sweet pastries at $6 Nett
 *Subject to availability   Two savoury items at $8 Nett
  Two salads or sandwiches at $9 Nett
  Two breads for $12 Nett (excluding Almond Cranberry and Spinach Cheese loaves)
  Two dessert jars at $13 Nett