February 28, 2018

Tableside Salads at Pool Grill

Pool Grill is one of the rare restaurants in Singapore that offers this unique tableside service with its signature Pool Grill Caesar Salad. For the month of May 2014, this treatment is also extended to the Boston Lobster Cocktail.

Pool Grill - Tableside Caesar Salad

Diners may choose to have the Pool Grill Caesar Salad prepared tableside

The French cart service is hardly a new one. Cold foods, such as Caesar Salad, are wheeled out and assembled on just a guéridon cart (pronounced geh-hree-don). It is then plated onto individual plates and served to guests.

Japanese teppanyaki, or tableside Brazilian  meat carving is a similar concept, though the lengthy preparations may interrupt conversations or feel intrusive – like having an unintended dinner guest. The tableside salad however, provides a short spectacle at the start of the meal without being invasive.

Singapore Marriott Hotel - Lobster

Fresh Lobster

The point it makes is to highlight the quality and freshness of the food– and the showmanship really adds some flavour to the dining experience. Indeed, it would seem that the freshness of delicate lobster flesh is sweeter and all the more enjoyable when prepared right at your dining table.

As Executive Chef Kevin puts it, “while it does appear to be somewhat like theatrics, the tableside service places emphasis on the lobster so diners can see the quality and freshness for themselves. People want to know what they are eating and appreciate it better this way.” The avid experimental foodie may even pick up a tip or two to recreate it at home.

Although the service is still optional, it comes highly recommended by diners who frequent the restaurant and attest to enjoying feeling of involvement.

The Boston Lobster Cocktail is available at SGD 27.50
The Pool Grill Caesar Salad is available at SGD 18.50
(with the addition of grilled chicken breast at SGD5.00, or smoked salmon at SGD7.00)

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