May 18, 2017

Treasured Bundles of Goodness

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To celebrate and mark the time-honoured traditions of Dragon Boat Festival, award-winning Chef Brian Wong of Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant presents a tantalising collection of exquisitely handcrafted bundles of novelty and signature favourites. Whetting your appetite from 8 May to
4 June 2017 is a quartet of tempting rice dumplings featuring the premium East-meets-West Kurobuta Pork with Chestnut & Black Garlic Rice Dumpling (黑豚金蒜珍珠粽) and Black Truffle with Cordyceps Flower & Pork Belly Rice Dumpling (黑松露虫草花咸肉粽) to the uniquely salubrious 5-Grain Rice Dumpling
五谷素粽) and the timeless classic, Signature Pork & Salted Egg Rice Dumpling (蛋黄咸肉粽).

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Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant_Kurobuta Pork, Chestnut, Black Garlic Rice Dumpling

Making a debut this year is the Kurobuta Pork with Chestnut & Black Garlic Rice Dumpling
黑豚金蒜珍珠粽) that ticks all the boxes of what a perfectly indulgent dumpling is made of. Each gourmet gem is stuffed with only the most premium ingredients of its kind, encased in sweet glutinous rice and wrapped in fragrant bamboo leaves – exuding aromatic whiffs and a huge flavour hit. Specially flown in from USA, the perfectly marbled Kurobuta pork collar from the famed Berkshire pig is heralded for their intensely flavourful meat, delicate texture and juiciness that comes with every bite.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant_Black Truffle, Cordyceps Flower, Pork Belly Rice Dumpling

Back by popular demand is the Black Truffle with Cordyceps Flower & Pork Belly Rice Dumpling
黑松露虫草花咸肉粽) – one of the most irresistible truffle-inspired creation that perfectly combines two powerhouse ingredients with French and Asian influences in a perennial favourite.  Set your taste buds tingling with sticky glutinous grains infused with premium black truffle, cordyceps flower and succulent chunks of pork belly slow-cooked for hours to buttery perfection in a sweet and tangy sauce.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant_Signature Pork and Salted Egg Rice Dumpling

Paying tribute to the highly revered festival is Wan Hao’s signature Cantonese style Signature Pork & Salted Egg Rice Dumpling (蛋黄咸肉粽). Hearty and comforting to most who prefers the traditional rice dumpling, our rendition that packs a meaty flavour punch will not disappoint. Each delectable pyramid is tightly wrapped with perfectly marinated pork belly, golden salted egg yolk, mushrooms, black beans and chestnuts for the extra oomph when you sink your teeth into this glorious creation.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant_5-Grain Rice Dumpling (Vegetarian)

Every now and then, a bite of something ubiquitous comes along and takes you by surprise, and this time it is in the form of our vegetarian 5-Grain Rice Dumpling (五谷素粽).  Our wholesome rice dumpling has earned itself a reputation for being lip-smackingly delicious and packing a ton of nutrition. Brimming with fibre-rich grains such as black glutinous rice, glutinous rice, grain rice, as well as a variety of vitamin boosting ingredients such as turnip, carrot, king oyster mushroom, black fungus, vegetarian bak kwah and braised peanuts, each mouthful promises a satisfying mixture of chewiness and crunch.

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Evening: 6.30pm to 9.30pm

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