March 15, 2017

International Women’s Day Feature – Reservations Mgr Ruhaidah Mohamad

Described by her peers and colleagues as a cheerful and hilarious person, it didn’t take me too long to understand why it was easy to like Ruhaidah. As I entered her office, she sees me from afar and greeted me with a really bright and cheeky smile, this gesture quickly put me at ease and all ready for a great interview.

Reservations Manager Ruhaidah Mohamad

Reservations Manager Ruhaidah Mohamad

MMWhat do you normally do in your free time?

I love to explore new restaurants and new cuisines together with my family. It is always more enjoyable when I get to try new dishes with them.

MMWhat is your role and how long have you worked for Singapore Tang Plaza Hotel?

I’m currently the Reservations Manager for Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, and I have been with this property for over 16 years.

MMWhat inspired you to join this industry?

Being able to meet and interact with people from various nationalities attracted me to join this industry. 22 years ago, I started off as a Receptionist, then to Front Office and finally settling into my current role at the Reservations Department.

MMWhat are some of your day to day activities in this hotel?

I am in charge of managing the reservations for both Food & Beverages as well as our rooms to ensure things runs smoothly daily.  This will not be possible without the support of my wonderful team. I believe in teamwork and building strong relationships with the team and other associates. I’m always happy to see our guests or an associate smiling as it makes me satisfied as a leader.

MMDescribe a time you felt empowered in your workplace or given the authority to act independently.

At our hotel, a lot of trust is placed with our associates as we are allowed to make decisions on behalf of the hotel. I recall there was an incident that the guest hesitated to make their booking with us. I extended some complimentary services to the guest to secure the deal and was praised by my superiors for making the decision.

MMWhat would you say to all the women around your workplace or the world in lieu of this special day – International Women’s Day

To all the women out there, believe in yourself! We have the power to excel in everything that we set our mind to do…despite the challenges you may face, you must persevere and success will come your way!

Reservations Manager Ruhaidah Mohamad & her team

Reservations Manager Ruhaidah Mohamad & her team