May 8, 2014

Marriott Matters has gone PAPERLESS!

Our new look! What do you think of it?

You might have noticed by now that our Dining site has had a major revamp since the start of 2014. What we’ve done was to present a fresher look and feel, improve on the user experience, minimise loading time, and ensure that the site is mobile-friendly, so that you can browse the site directly from your smartphone!

Singapore Marriott Hotel's Dining site: The old look

Singapore Marriott Hotel’s Dining site: The old look

Following its wake and success, we have also converted the hard copy of Marriott Matters into a lifestyle blog that is seamlessly integrated into the Dining site. Apart from food promotions and hotel updates, Marriott Matters will also cover more interests and subjects such as Chef or Associate profiles and interviews, exclusive recipes, and rare insights into the life at Singapore Marriott Hotel! Going online means you can access our articles anytime, from anywhere.

The paperback bi-monthly Marriott Matters

The bi-monthly Marriott Matters in hard copy

Why have we gone paperless?

  • We can get information to you faster – It’s instant!
  • We are environmentally conscious. Old copies might just get thrown away. Besides if you ever need to refer to a past article, you can just search for it easily.
  • It’s so easy to share articles with your friends online.
  • We can reach out to more people like you who truly loves to stay updated with what’s happening here.
  • We want you to join in the discussion or leave comments so we know what to provide more of in the future!

Reasons why you should subscribe to Marriott Matters online!

  • Be updated on food promotions
  • Collect exclusive recipes given by our own Chefs!
  • Take part in exclusive contests and events
  • Be invited to cooking workshops
  • Subscription is free!

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