March 26, 2014

Easter at the Marriott

Modern-day Easter has seemed to become a mish-mash of symbols. How do coloured eggs, rabbits, and chocolate seem to be related to each other? Here’s a quick guide to demystify Easter as we know it.

SMH - Hotcross Buns

Piping Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns
These buns were traditionally eaten on Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday) to symbolise the cross that the Christian Jesus Christ died on. After enduring centuries of popularity, the hot cross bun is now eaten all year round.

Bunnymund Easter

The Easter Bunny in the movie Rise of the Guardians. Image courtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Coloured or Painted Eggs
Traditionally, Christians were forbidden to consume eggs during Lent until Easter Day. With an excess of so many eggs, egg-centered activities naturally started such as egg painting, egg-hunting, and other games.

Easter Bunny
According to legend, the Easter bunny would carry colored eggs in a basket, and hide them for obedient children to find – much like a springtime Santa Claus. In a children’s movie, Rise of the Guardians (left), the Easter Bunny protects Spring and Easter, which represent new beginnings, new life, and hope.

The first chocolate eggs appeared in the 19th century. As an luxury item back in the day, it quickly became associated with the gift-giving of the season.

Easter Sunday falls on 20 April this year
At Singapore Marriott Hotel, both parents and kids can look forward to a wholly satisfying Sunday. Parents may take a breather and leave their kids at the Easter Kids’ Corner on level 2.

As a thoughtful consideration, the menus are also separate; while adults and parents can enjoy the Easter Sunday Lunch Buffet at Marriott Cafe, children at the Easter Kids’ Corner may enjoy a specially-curated Kids’ Easter Sunday Menu of their own! Expect premium food and treats traditionally¬† associated with Easter such as: Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns, Chocolate Bunnies, Easter Rice Tart, Easter Cupcakes, Breton Sable Brownie Nests, and Simnel Cake.

Easter Sunday Lunch Buffet at Marriott Cafe
Sunday, 20 April 2014 | 12:00 – 2:30pm
$88++ per adult, $36++ per child (includes free flow of coffee and tea)
$138++ per person (includes free flow of sparkling wine, red and white wines, juices, coffee and tea)
$160++ per person (includes free flow of champagne, red and white wines, juices, coffee and tea)

Easter Kids’ Corner at Singapore Marriott Hotel
Serai Room, Level 2
Activities: Easter Egg Hunt, Egg Painting & Decorating Station
With a designated kids’ room on level 2, children will get to stretch their creativity by painting their own Easter Eggs with coloured paints. The little totters may also participate in an Easter Egg Hunt while parents enjoy a bit of free-time to feast away.

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