September 3, 2013

Wine Sommelier: Sivakarthi


Siva the Wine Sommelier

Sivakarthi, affectionately known as Siva, is moving at an impossible blur while attending to the guests at the lobby of the Hotel.

Still, the native Indian pulls time out to answer our questions with legendary patience and an easy smile. Neat and mild-mannered, Siva is a picture of unshakeable calm. Hidden underneath that is a resolve and pensiveness easily gone unnoticed.

But then his demeanour noticeably softens when he gushes about his fiancée, revealing much of the shy romantic he is – like the sweet chap everyone is rooting for.

MMHow did you end up where you are now?
5 years ago, I was working as a bartender in India until my Director recommended me to Singapore. Coming here, I was exposed to many different wines that were never available back at home. Wine education is good here and I found myself drawn to it. Somehow, I am here now.

MM5 years later?
I hope to be married in two to three years. I am looking to find a position in the corporate office, maybe working in Hong Kong or Australia.

MMIf you could pick two celebrities to be your family members, who would they be?
Mila Kunis. Just for her nice eyes. And Tom Cruise. His 1988 film Cocktail was a huge inspiration to me and the reason I became a bartender.

MMIf you could change one thing about Singapore, what would it be?
Life in Singapore feels too much like a machine. It would be nice if there was more balance between work and life outside of it.

Siva Sommelier

Siva at a wine-tasting convention

MMBiggest problem about being a guy?
Back at India, girls have the freedom to do and act as they wish until they reach adulthood but boys born and raised in India are given responsibilities and expectations since day one.

MMYou’ve once mentioned that if you could choose to have a superpower, you would love to fly.
Yes I’ve always wanted to fly. I would like to see the world from different angles.

MMDescribe yourself in three words?
Passionate, Friendly, and Honest. (Thinks a bit) No, put ‘Fun’ instead!

Siva has also contributed classic and easy martini recipes for anyone to try their hand at. Find them here:
Honeydew Martini, Tropical Martini