August 2, 2013

Lazy Sunday Brunch at Pool Grill

Brunch should be easily lazy and delicious. After a long Saturday night out, brunch on a Sunday sounds like a well-timed prelude to a lazy afternoon.

Pool Grill - Banana Pancakes

Pool Grill – Banana Pancakes

In a country where food is a national hobby, brunch is common everywhere. Pool Grill, however, offers deliverance from human congestion and disruptive blares of traffic that most eateries along Orchard Road are burdened by.

Brunching by the swimming pool has a sort of a recuperative summer magic, and the experience at Pool Grill is really quite unbeatable. The mood is generally mellow and unhurried, the glow of sunlight especially attractive across the pool water β€” and because the food is good, it’s a great bargain.

Pool Grill - Chili Crab Omelette

Pool Grill – Chili Crab Omelette

If you feel ready to waste your Sunday away, go for the Lazy All-Day breakfast which guarantees a delirious satisfaction. The Singapore Chilli Crab Omelette is also highly recommended – sweet, savoury and immensely addictive without the hassle of de-shelling!

One would have to be hopelessly uptight not to enjoy this stuff, but what really makes it work as a brunch menu is the amount of comfort that it aims to provide. And that really seems to be the whole point of a lazy brunch – to enjoy life.

View the Sunday Brunch Menu here!

– Lazy All-day
– Singapore Chilli Crab Omelette
– Moves Like Burger

The Lazy Sunday Brunch is available from August 2013 at Pool Grill | Level 5
Call 6831 4605 or visit for enquiries or reservations.